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Hver arbejdsdag i vores liv skal vi se vores wardrobe to search for the perfect professional jakkesæt, but they always make women feel comfortless and controlled,so when Saturday comes, a lady doesn't want to make effort to think about her outfit.She just need make herself free and leisure. But there is the thing about being a fashion girl—you can’t turn off the impulse to make yourself stylish, even if you want to!

Sweater and Jeans are essential part of your weekend outfits in spring and autumn,even if winter is coming,you just need a jacket only. If your job that requires you to wear professionel på arbejdsdage, the weekend is the time when you can take it easy and just be comfable and casual. Uanset om du forbereder en frokost med dine frineds eller en aften, kan en sweater og et par jeans altid løse din stilkonservrum.

grå o-nakke sweater + denim jeans

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grå overdimensioneret sweater + denim jeans

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kamel sweater + black pencil jeans

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askegrå sweater + rippet jeans

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Kaffe V Neck Oversized Sweater + Ripped jeans

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overdimensioneret creme sweater + jeans

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hvid løs sweater + rippet jeans

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sort kort sweater + flare jeans

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rød crewneck sweater + rippet jeans

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Kaffe nedrullet nakke sweater + Hvide rippede jeans

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Strikning skrånende skuldertrøje + 80 retro simple boyfriend jeans

Tilføj sweater i kurv

Tilføj jeans i kurv

overdreven kontrastfarve sweater + denim jeans
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